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Website Hosting and Design

Fast ... Simple web hosting, design and development for business owners

How to get started?

Three simple steps

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Register your domain

This is the first step and will secure your business domain name. Click the button below.

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Choose a website package

Choose a web hosting and design package from the options below.

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Website design

The team starts the design work on your new business website.

Professional Web Hosting & Design

Domain registration, Web Hosting & Web Design Solutions for Business Owners

Start Up Business

Best for 10 000 Visitors a Month
R 5999
  • 12 Months Hosting
  • 3 Free Email Accounts
  • 3 Website Pages
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • LiteSpeed Hosting
  • 1GB Web Space
  • Website Security
  • Website Monitor Add-On

Growing Business

Best for 25 000 Visitors a Month
R 6999
  • 12 Months Hosting
  • 5 Free Email Accounts
  • 10 Website Pages
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • LiteSpeed Hosting
  • 2GB Web Space
  • Website Security
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring

Corporate Business

Best for 50 000 Visitors a Month
R 9999
  • 12 Months Hosting
  • 50 Free Email Accounts
  • 50 Website Pages
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Lite Speed Hosting
  • 3GB Web Space
  • Website Security
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring

Our Website Services

Professional website services for business owners

Website Design

Designing a new website for your brand or business. We offer the full service treatment focused on growing your business online.

Website Maintenance

Keeping your website updated to prevent technical issues. Taking care of changes you need so your website attracts your clients.

Website Revamp

Revamping and updating your website. Yes, your website should change over time to ensure you are standing out from the crowd.


Find answers to your questions about domain registration and web hosting

A domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website. Read more in this about domain names in this article

As a business owner it is important to have ownership of your domain. This means your business should be the registered owner of your domain irrespective of where you register.  We provide you this option on our website. In cases where you do not own your domain the current owner can charge you a fee to take ownership of the domain.

Yes, your domain is generally renewable annually, to make sure it stays registered. We will send you a reminder to renew your domain annually and include a renewal discount.

The reason we offer three web hosting packages is to cater for businesses at different stages. Take time to check how many email address you need and how many website visits you expect in a month.  You can also chat with us if you are uncertain.

Web hosting is the infrastructure and technology needed to keep your website online. Web design is a separate service which includes branding and design of the look and feel of your website.

Yes, we offer domain registration, web hosting, web design, social media management and digital consulting.  In a nutshell we help you get your business online.